Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

Space 2010

Department 21 will be located on the second floor of the Sevens Building, in the vacant Painting studios. Looking out of the Rcafe window you can see directly into the space. This could be a great opportunity to connect across Jay Mews and communicate what is going on in Department 21.

Currently subdivided into 14 studios by temporary wooden or plasterboard walls, we will be able to easily rearrange the space before the beginning of the project in the new year. The majority of the walls can be dismantled and reconstructed into tables and other pieces of furniture. As such, what now divides the space will be transformed into elements that connect the participants.

See below for a possible way in which the space could be arranged as Department 21. As an experimental space, these plans are necessarily flexible to the needs of the participants and adaptable to the activities that evolve across the duration of the project.

Here a few impressions of how we rearranged the 248.16 m2 large Painting studio:

And here you can see what the space looked like before and during the construction phase:


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