Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art


132 pages / paperback / 148mm x 105mm
ISBN: 1374-1283-23484
June 2010
£7.00 / €8.70 incl. postage

Download a digital copy.

This compilation of texts and visual works gives an imaginative account of Department 21 and is complementary to this web site.

The wide range of texts comprise hard facts, essays, reflections, conversations and poems. The visual works include illustrations, photographs, graphs and graphics.

Edited by Polly Hunter, Bianca Elzenbaumer and Fabio Franz.
Design: Xavier Antin

Printed using 6 types of leftover paper stock and 4 types of leftover vegetable oil-based inks.
A6 size in order to minimise paper waste.

Below – An account in the underlaying structure of the experiment
Inside – Reflections on relevant concepts by students with sustained involvement in the experiment
Besides – Reflections by people who are part of the College but were not constantly involved in the experiment
Beyond – Reflections by people who are not part of the College but at a point were involved in the experiment

Authors by section
Below – The editors
Inside – Xavier Antin, graphic designer; Je Baak, video artist; Carmen Billows, curator; Callum Cooper, animator; George Eksts, artist; Bianca Elzenbaumer, communication designer; Fabio Franz, communication designer; Polly Hunter, design historian; Prapat Jiwarangsan, artist; Stephen Knott, historian; Robert Maslin, product designer; Fay Nicolson, artist; Alkesh Parmar, jewellerer; Henrik Potter, artist; Samara Scott, illustrator; Anna Sikorska, artist; Oliver Smith, artist; Anaïs Tondeur, artist; Yesomi Umolu, curator; Elizabeth Walker, design historian; Michael Wegerer, artist; Bethany Wells, architect.
Besides – David Blamey, artist; Debbie Cook, illustrator; Alan Cummings, Pro-Rector; Harriet Edwards, writer.
Beyond – Ludovic Burel, artist; Antony Hudek, curator; Will Holder, designer, writer and editor.

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