Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art
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Shaping Things to Come — Conference at RIBA, London

Today, Department 21 was invited to talk at the ADM-HEA Annual Forum, named Shaping Things to Come. It was held at the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) on the 17th May.
Together with a lot of people working mainly in the education field we’ve discussed new modes of delivery for art and design education. (Full Programme: here)

‘Say Something’ Adolfo & Grant

This was the introduction part of the say something talks last Thursday evening at the Mill.


Collective Exercices — Day 3

Playing out and setting up the space — Day 2

Inhabiting the gallery space — Day 1

Residency in Manchester — Islington Mill Arts Academy

Open Invitation
Something to say

Residential project at Islington Mill, Manchester
11 – 14 APRIL 2011

Our current educational structures emphasise the work of the individual; we are continually assessed on what we have to say as an individual, and how well we say it.  As a counterpoint to this, in the Easter holidays Department 21 invites you to take 4 days out of your normal working environment for an open interdisciplinary project, at Islington Mill, Manchester.

We propose to form an interdisciplinary working group for 4 days, in collaboration with artists from Islington Mill, to make, discuss and explore our collective voice: what do we have to say?  The residency will conclude with an event on the evening of the 14th, as a response to the 4-day investigation.

Interested in space + education / collaborative practice / improvisation / alternative education / the unknown?
Join us.


Invited: Åbäke for a live presentation formal

Department 21 will host Åbäke‘s** talk on Thursday 7th April, 6:30PM.
Presentation Formal: Total Recall
This will be the final presentation of their series of lectures*** called ‘Presentation Formal: a Talk which is the Work, not about It’
Research Seminar Room, RCA*

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Radio21, in ShadowBoxing exhibition

Today, Department 21 was participating in Sean Dockray*’s installation in the ShadowBoxing exhibition, RCA.
The installation is a Public Monument, a time capsule in the form of a radio tower, all the content will be broadcasted in 10 years, in 2021.

Programme of the radio broadcast starting from 1.30pm
— Place des grands hommes (Jingle)
(On s’était dit rendez-vous dans 10 ans —
We told ourselves we’d meet again in ten years)
Song by popular french singer Patrick Bruel, 1989
—  “Guerilla Broadcasting”
in Steal This Book by Abbie Hoffman, 1971
— The Swedish Rhapsody
The Conet Project consists of a set of recordings of numbers stations, mysterious shortwave radio stations of uncertain origin believed to be operated by government agencies to communicate with spies “in the field”.
— Public Image,
Chapter 3 of The Vision Machine [extract] by Paul Virilio, 1994.
The text is a metaphor of light as freedom in French Revolution.
Light is also what allows an image to ‘appear’.
—  ‘Better with a sober cannibal than a drunken Christian’
Sound piece by The Parallel Action, Norway.
This drunken discussion takes place on a piece of wood when the sea has devoured all the land.
March 2011, 14mins
—  The Worlds Ending DIRECTED BY LIL B
Lil B – Feat Elliott Smith(RIP), 2010
— The War of the Worlds
Mercury Theater on the Air, 1938
(The War of the Worlds was an episode of the American radio drama anthology series Mercury Theatre on the Air. It was performed as a Halloween episode of the series on October 30, 1938 and aired over the Columbia Broadcasting System radio network. Directed and narrated by Orson Welles, the episode was an adaptation of H. G. Wells’ novel The War of the Worlds.)
— Vanishing point
Richard C. Sarafian, 1971
Playing the integral (sound) movie.
— UK Trailer from ‘We live in Public’
documentary by Ondi Timoner on Josh Harris’ first Internet television network in 1999.
The film was realeased 10 years later, in 2009 and will be broadcast again in 10 years through the radio.
— Critical Space
by Paul Virilio. First appeared in L’insécurité du territoire, 1972.
Study of the political protests apparatus in the public space of May 68’s conflicts in Paris.
— Andy Kaufman reading Great Gatsby
(copyright expired Jan 1, 2011 in the UK, Jan 1, 2021 in US)
— George Orwell
Coming up for Air [extract], 1939
Scene of the bookclub.
— John Cage
[or 4min33secs of silence in a radio capsule.]
Is silence copyrighted?
— Digital dark age
By Terry Kuny,
— Place des grands hommes (jingle end)
(Rendez-vous dans 10 ans) by Patrick Bruel, 1989

Speakers and readers:
Afonso Martins, Pedro Cid Proenca, Sophie Demay, Clo’e Floirat, Fay Nicolson, Mael Fournier-Comte & Erik Hartin

*Sean Dockray is an artist living in Los Angeles and for the past few years has been primarily in the middle of two projects: The Public School and AAAAARG.ORG.

Alternative art schools by Pippa Koszerek

On an-online, artist Pippa Koszerek considers recent student protests within the context of alternative art school strategies. We are happy to be included in the profiles amongst many other initiatives we like.

Read Pippa’s article here.