Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

On archives: The score, the performing artist and the public documentation.

D21 was hosting a dialogue between Cecilia Wee (writer & curator) and Emilie Parendeau (curator & performer), Tuesday 28th June.

‘A notable difference between painting and music is that the composer has finished his work when he wrote the score, even if the performances are the end products, while the painter must complete the picture.’ Nelson Goodman

Because of the heavy rain outside, this discussion was hosted by T.O.C. an ephemeral reading-room installed for the duration of the show.

Emilie Parendeau spoke about her project ‘For Rent’ which has been activating Fluxus and Conceptual Art scores in different contexts, for 2 years.
She also discussed the need to ‘test’/dissect this type of work and addressed the question of the subjectivity as well as mediation.

Cecilia Wee presented her DPhil research (on the documentation of live art at the University of Sussex).
She presented a case study of some interesting works in terms of record kept.
She also talked about the documentation of contemporary works and how its current nature has changed compared to earlier works.

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