Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

Designing the Design Process

With the architect’s awareness of design being increasingly contingent on complex socio-economic-political factors, this panel considers three pedagogical approaches to architectural intervention that go beyond the level of the end-product, into designing the process of getting to the end and even its afterlife. While questioning its intention of exerting a greater, yet seemingly elusive, control on the part of the designer, and feasibility in the context of existing system of architectural commissions, the discussion also seeks to discover and affirm the potential of such alternative models of engagement in changing the role of the designer, and its implication on design education.

With Carlos Villanueva Brandt (Diploma 10 Unit Master, Architectural Association), Theo Lorenz (Tutor and Director of AAIS Interprofessional Studio, Architectural Association) & Roberto Bottazzi (Tutor, Department of Architecture, Royal College of Art), chaired by Shirley Surya (History of Design ’11, Royal College of Art).

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