Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

ART- mAP Performance, Public Soul Architecture

Public Soul Architecture (Adolfo Guevara, Nicole Milai Ratcliffe & Sica) came from Manchester, for an afternoon performance, ART- mAP Performance, on Monday 27th June.

Public Soul Architecture is a project currently in progress, it is the aim of this project to research the parallel activities in relation to performance, WHAT IS CRUCIAL TO THE ‘EVENT’ identifying roles of the social as an intrinsic quality in the performable act itself, as a medium of correlating the public space with the architecture of site + situation.

It is an approach that attempts to disseminate the curatorial concept of presentation rather than the work in display. The documentation of this project will have an overture at educational institutions, that is to promote and to debate a parallel scheme towards new ideas and analysing related creative content, as it is to discern the role of an elaborated academic enterprise as part intrinsic of society. The purposes of this project are informative and form part of a research that will gather other professionals, sociologists and artists. Some of the approaches in this project will have a collaborative aspect and it will compromise realising events-symposium as part of a secular science of architectural knowledge. Such processes do not intend to serve a purpose other than dissemination and adding towards an anthropological archive of cultural understanding of aesthetics and its relations towards society. It forms part of a research that I intend to scale as an epitome model for a series of documentation which will serve as the main foundations to compose a complementary system from the open platform at Salon Alternative, a network that I have open as a nexus to develop such research. It will compliment material and exchange methodologies with other related platforms in other institutions in the UK such as The Royal College Of Art-Department 21; it also will extend a network with analogous cultural spaces abroad such as The Cabaret Voltaire (Switzerland) amongst others. Public Soul Architecture will launch a viral exposure of material in 2012 in a number of locations to be confirmed.

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