Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

D21 Guided Tours

The Secret Orientation
25th, 26th and 29th June
Guided tour
Join our guides for an unofficial tour of the RCA show’s backstage.
Organised by Sonya Derman & Min Huh

D21 alternative documentation

The major themes in history have always recorded but the minor in history is often neglected. At the RCA final show, we anticipate investigation of the work by critics, professional journalists, and art students. Their focus (and rightly so) will be on evaluating the artworks of graduating students.

However, we hope to focus on the mundane and incidental: the arrangement of bodies within the rooms, empty spaces, the observation of other visitors – the material and immaterial environments that affect the way viewers interpret and experience the work the exhibition space, the anonymous visitors, and spontaneous, non-art actions. We hope to enable the viewer as a participant by recording their own experience: through writing and photography, they offer another perspective of the exhibition.

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