Department 21 a student-led interdisciplinary department at the Royal College of Art

Outdoor Space in RCA Show

Department 21’s platform for the Royal College of Art Show 2011 explores the interface between the private and the public.
Located at the border of college, the project aims to address questions of ownership, authorship, collective production, as well as the accessibility of educational spaces.

24rd June to 2nd July 2011
Open Daily — 1 to 4pm
Outdoor Room and steps activated through critical dialogue & interdisciplinary activities.

Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore (Acces via Jay Mews)
London SW7 2EU

Department 21 is kindly supported by Eurostar and ADM-HEA.

See the detailed schedule


Friday 24th June

1 — 2:30pm
Guerrilla tactics

Access to spaces of public education is under threat; how can the agency of the architect/designer/artist expand to support ethical access to tools, land and resources? Together we will write up our ideas for a guerrilla curriculum.
Org. Bethany Wells

Saturday 25th June

1 — 3pm
On Art education

With RCA fees to double over the next 5 years, and with increasingly commercial language being used to describe the value of higher education, how should we articulate the value of art education?
With Christy Johnson (UCA Canterbury), Paul Taylor (Croydon University) & Flag (Chelsea College)
Org. Sophie Demay & Bethany Wells

2 — 2:30pm
The Secret Orientation

Guided tour
Join our guides for an unofficial tour of the RCA show’s backstage.
Org. Sonya Derman & Min Huh

3 — 3:40pm
We Are All In It

Sound installation
Deniz Johns
Recorded during the 2011 student protests, this installation brings the student voice back to the College.

3 — 3:30pm
A short walk to Fukushima

Performative lecture
Charles Ogilvie

Sunday 26th June

1 — 3pm
Environment In D

Music (David Morris, Lingjing Yin & Marc Mckeague)
Lunch provided by Café Château

2 — 2:30pm
The Secret Orientation

Join our guides for an unofficial tour of the RCA show’s backstage.
Org. Sonya Derman & Min Huh

2 — 4pm
Happening Now

Public Statements
For two hours, D21 broadcasts an open press conference.
With If Not Now Broadcast (Rafael Farias & Tom Merrell)

Monday 27th June

1 — 2:30pm
Outside the gallery

The public space as an interface between organisations and society. What happens
at the edge of art institutions? With Centre For Possible Studies, Artangel & Peckham Space.
Org. Sophie Demay

3 — 5pm
ART- mAP Performance

Public Soul Architecture (Adolfo Guevara, Nicole Milai Ratcliffe
& Sica)

Tuesday 28th June

1 — 3pm
On archives

The score, the performing artist and the public documentation.
With Cecilia Wee (writer & curator) and Émilie Parandeau (curator & performer)
Org. Sophie Demay

Wednesday 29th June

All day
Lighting Rig

Sam Ely & Lynn Harris.
Org. Lily Hall, Sabel Gavaldon & Mette Kjaergaard Praest

1 — 3pm
Designing the Design Process

Round table
Questioning the feasibility of alternative models of engagement beyond the end product, to designing the process of getting to the end and its afterlife.
With Carlos Villanueva Brandt (AA), Theo Lorenz (AA), Roberto Bottazzi (RCA) & Sarah Teasley (chair).
Org. Shirley Surya

2 — 2:30pm
The Secret Orientation

Join our guides for an unofficial tour of the RCA show’s backstage.
Org. Sonya Derman & Min Huh

10 — 12pm
Summer Cinema

Hosting performance pieces & moving image by filmakers Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Jonathan Caouette & RCA Students. Refreshments will be served.
Org. Federico Strate Pezdi, Damien Monteau & Sophie Taylor

Thursday 30th June

1 — 3pm
Exploring the Gap between Promise and Performance in Technical Drawings

Workshop & discussion
This event aims to raise questions about processes of design, distribution of agency, the abbreviatory and the euphoric provision of detail, and expectations.
Org. Luska Mengham & Justine Boussard

Saturday 2nd July

1 — 3pm
Reconsidering the Local

and the Global
Reevaluate the oft-essentialised notion of cultural or national identity and local specificities that shape design’s relation to identity, value and usage through student and alumni projects.
With Mohammed Daud, Prapat Jawaringsan, Jasleen Kaur, Wenjin Yao & Shirley Surya (chair)

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